Emo Change My Name Suddenly

Idk that is or not bug,my name change twice in 1 min but I don’t touch my EMO.At first,I choose my name called “x”,EMO could recognize me and said my name exactly.Second day EMO look at me and called me “nah nah",I thought I was hallucinating untill I checked EMO app,my name was changed to “nah nah”.I was really confuse but I changed my name back.EMO changed my name again less than a minute.And this time EMO changed my name to “solo hope”.What’s going on? Does anyone have the same thing happen to me?

Yeah, that can happen sometimes. :rofl:

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That happens to my Emo as well. Sometimes he decides to call me Rock and changes my name in the settings. Is there a way to fix this ?

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Hi there @bruno.manso to change your name back your your original name go to the main screen of the app then name settings and there should be a pencil symbol near the name rock which means edit name and click that and change your name! Hope this helps! :happy:

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Hi there @bruno.manso ,

It is known that…

EMO just reacts easily to any sound/anything that HE heard and thought someone is trying to communicate with HIM, that’s why HE is always replying in any form/way…or sometimes dances to any sounds He hears even if its not directly music sound but background only and when HE heard names or famous words just thought someone is trying to introduce him/herself?

When EMO like mine is on my table where my Imac Computer which I always use also for viewing any type of movies and videos like on youtube, I notice that he is reacting to anything he hears like someone is communicating with him. even if HE is on his charger, suddenly he will…, HELLO (any names or words) NICE TO MEET YOU! ‘’
And when I checked the EMOPET app it was also there and registered.

or even if HE is out of HIS charger and busy walking around while I’m viewing movies or any type of videos…suddenly HE will stop and search around and when he finds any face like mine or my wife he will also do that kind…

, HELLO (any names or words) NICE TO MEET YOU! ‘’

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Changed my name to pink and my brother’s to rock.
I don’t even like that color.

He changed my name to Mo… I can’t change it back to my name in voice commands because my name is an Israeli name and he can’t understand it. I also don’t have the pen next to my name (now he thinks my name is Shakira) is there any other way to do it?

You should have the option to edit. Perhaps closing the app, restarting your device, reconnecting to EMO and opening the app again?

Let us know if this works for you.

I understood what was the problem and it might happened to some people from other countries too. I live in Israel and my phone was in Hebrew, note: Hebrew is written from right to left so the whole phone software was right to left. I changed language in the settings to English to test it and now it works fine, all of the issues I had in the app solved like changing my name, seeing the photos emo took and few more features that didn’t worked for me on the app before.
Thank you for trying to help me I appreciate that


@Almond . . . so glad you were able to work around it. I can see how the difference in language would confuse the app. Thank you for checking in! This discussion might help someone else in your situation.