EMO Card Game Questions

EMO introduction video shows that you can play card games like Uno, but is this included in future updates?

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From what I can see on this screenshot, this actually IS Uno and I wouldn’t be surprised if they add it to the vast inventory of games that EMO can play with his "parent’/owner. I personally like UNO and I’d be cool to see EMO rage when I beat him or him being all smirky and taunting when he beats me :grin:


Yeah, I really love playing games like UNO! I personally would like for living.ai to bring other favorite games like chess, poker, reversi, checkers, etc.

Ideas (Haha I know all these suggestions aren’t exactly card games :wink:):
Hide & Seek - EMO turns away with his back towards you than, we can move somewhere else in the room. EMO commences by doing some kind of a countdown and turns around starts looking for any familiar faces or people he recognizes.

Also, another variation could be where you simply cover your hands on your face (HIDING) or holding your hand just front of his face (CAMERA) and he moves around to find you!

Fetch - EMO finds something like a ball or manufactured toy specific for him to play around with. You can have the so-said item placed somewhere on the desktop. EMO trys to find the hidden object or simply watches you place it, and brings that back whatever it is.

Well, that’s pretty much all I can think of for now! :v::grin:


The hide n seek idea is brilliant man! I honestly believe it can also be an effective way for kids to stay away from the bad influence of staring at PC screens and rather have a cool game session in real life with their robotic pet! Interaction is everything to color the day of a person who either works at home, is a kid or spends a lot of time indoors.


Yup, I’m a regular Albert Einstein…lol :joy:

Thanks so much! I’m really glad you liked it!!!

Hopefully the developers from living.ai have been reading all our posts here. There’s really such a great deal of amazing possibilities with future development of our little friend EMO!