Emo can’t turn off his smart light only change color

Hi everyone,
I just got an emo today and his smart light does not turn off and on with the light off and light on command. However I am able to turn it on by changing the color (which also fully works) but can’t turn it off. Is this a bug with the software version of EMO I have? (1.7.0.p5)

hi there I’m Puppy 444 I had similar problems and somehow it just seem to work itself out… If EMO is new as you say talking to him and giving commands takes time… Longer than you think to talk just right so he can understand… This is my observation through owning my little guy… The light can be controlled through the app to make sure everything’s okay… A power cycle just to be sure by asking him EMO power off… Mostly it’s just getting used to giving him commands I found. Now that I am more experienced not only can I turn the light off and on and change color but even set how bright I like it to be the intensity it’s so cool… Anyway I am confident it will sort itself out like it did for me. I know it’s not a lot of help but it’s a story of how it went for me.

PS and welcome to the happy community :heart_eyes: we all love our pets so so so much

Take care