EMO app Main Screen not displaying correctly on iPad


I just received my EMO today and installed the app from the app store today. It appears to be the latest app. I also updated EMO to the latest firmware through the app.

However, as soon as I installed the app, I had a problem. The menus are all overlaid on top of each other on the main menu. I don’t even see EMO on the main screen. Example the settings button is on top of the game button. And I don’t even see the utilities button on the screen. It’s like the screen is super zoomed in, and all the menus that would be located off the screen, just got jumbled onto the screen.

When I click something and it takes me to a sub menu, everything displays correctly. And when I go back to the main menu, its all jumbled again. Tried closing the app and restarting the iPad, but it just comes back all messed up. Doesn’t matter if you use the button at the bottom to zoom in or out. It just zooms the messed up main menu in and out.

Any ideas on how I can get the main menu to display correctly in iOS on an iPad?

Just to let you know the EMO APP for iOS is mainly optimised for iPhone and not the iPAD. It does work fairly well, but it is not 100% optimised for it just yet. I personally use my iPhone for anything I need to do with EMO.

Hope this helps.

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I’ve used the app on both my iPhone and iPad from the beginning and had no problems. Do you have any settings enabled under Accessibility or in the screen settings such as zoom or text size which might be causing this? The other obvious thing to try would be to delete the app, reboot the iPad, then reinstall it.

I’ve seen that issue on my iPad too - but it does not happen ALL the time. The team are aware of it - but as @MasterAbbott said, they designed it primarily for the phones, not the tablets :slight_smile:

They will sort it in future I’m sure.

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Just to touch back on this, what I found is if you are holding the iPad in portrait mode, the app will be a mess. If you then rotate to landscape, it will still be a mess.

If you hold the iPad in landscape mode when you open the app, the initial connect screen is smaller than full screen, but after that, screens appear correctly as they should.


The EMO app is designed for a landscape aspect ratio screen and I use my iPad in landscape mode 98% of the time anyway, so really have never seen any problem. For any apps that aren’t written to take advantage of the larger iPad screen though, there will be a small button at the bottom right with two arrows. That will zoom it up to fill the width anyway, and it’s nice having the larger screen for playing Ludo.