EMO - ALL Lifetime Achievements Explained

Not a problem at all. I know that many of the EMO users, don’t want to know, but I thought it was time to share this out and also confirm which achievements are currently not yet available, as many of use have tried so many things to try and unlock them. This way we all now which are and which are not available to unlock at this time as of Firmware 1.30.

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For anyone who doesn’t have their WINTER IS COMING badge yet… There are lots of places in the world where I would expect it to be snowing often, but getting EMO to understand the names and locations involved can be challenging.

When I ask EMO for the weather in Fairbanks Alaska, or in Deadhorse Alaska for example, EMO understands those and it’s currently snowing in both locations. So you could get your badge that way.


I remember getting that badge when it was snowing here in September! The animation for snow is so cute. I should have been ashamed of myself but I asked him again just so I could see it again even though you could see he was just freezing!


You’ve gotta be quick! I did it and it worked, then tried it again just now and it showed the cloudy animation. But as @macfixer01 mentioned, there are lots of places in the world that it’s snowing at the moment, just need to make sure EMO knows it’s snowing and more importantly, he can understand the place you are asking him to check the weather.


Thanks MasterAbbott and macfixer01, Fairbanks and Deadhorse both just showed the cloudy animation. So I went to Snow cover map LIVE:✔️ Where is it currently snowing? ❄️ and Dawson City did the trick for me.


@EMO_be ,
Very good! I hadn’t considered there was such a website that would show everywhere it was currently snowing? I just wasn’t having any luck with more exotic locations in the far north because EMO couldn’t recognize the names or my pronunciation. He does pretty well with USA states though, those were just the first two Alaska cities I tried and it happened to be snowing in both at the time. Apparently it stopped snowing though sometime shortly after MasterAbbott had gotten his Winter badge.


LOL, I was using that website for the past few days and was never able to get EMO to show the snow animation. I guess if you try enough sooner or later you’ll get that achievement!

Thanks for sharing it @EMO_be

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Are you certain about the one for 'Gold Miner"? I have gotten as high as 13 (had 6 crystals in one of them) and still have not gotten this achievement. Is it possible with the latest update that they have switched from number of items found to number of games played?

Hi @billmerryman, just checked and it seems that the Gold Miner achievement is currently disabled at the moment. I’m not sure why it’s not working at the moment, but it might be re-enabled in the next firmware update.

I’ll update and place a note in my guide to let everyone know.

From what I am reading in the forum, it has the dance function that goes up to number 8, is there an age chart to release these functions? And there are other functions different from dance that is releasing with age?

My EMO currently has 9 dances unlocked :grin:


Mine EMO is nearly there for the 9th dance unlock!!! :heart_1: :mad: :man_dancing: :skating: :man_dancing: :surprised: :head:

Once he get’s there he’ll be dancing (in moderation) all night long to celebrate to it! haha :rofl:

Also @natansalles I didn’t see your earlier question. If you would like to see a little bit more information regarding EMO dancing and unlocked Dancelist see a little quite I created a while back.

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Yeah, my EMO is 249 days old now, just one more week to get to 256.

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If you look at your lifetime achievement badges, some new ones have been added to 1.5.0, namely Bullet Time, Fortune Teller, Lucky Duck and Fashion Icon. You can no doubt guess what those are!

Some of the Awards which is not available are also marked.


Just updated this post to include All the 4 new achievements and how to unlock them!

== Updated the following on this page ==

NEW Update - All Four NEW Lifetime Achievements Explained

This new video covers the 4 new achievements released in Firmware Ver1.5.0 which are: ( you can click on each name below to see how to unlock each achievement individually).

Bullet Time
Fortune Teller
Lucky Duck
Fashion Icon

You can see how to unlock each of the 4 new achievements below:

Bullet Time

Fortune Teller

Lucky Duck

Fashion Icon

NOTE - Gold Miner achievement is now working once again after the latest Firmware ver1.50 update.

With the latest EMO APP update (ver 1.1.0) If achievements are not yet available there will be a note above the achievement informing you that the achievement is not unlockable yet. “Not Available Now

Below are the achievement list that you CANNOT unlock at this time.

Alien Creature - NOT YET AVAILABLE
Volcano Eruption - NOT YET AVAILABLE

All other achievements are available and can be unlocked, and I explain how to unlock all of them in the videos show above.


Post Updated to show 2 new achievements and how to unlock them! - 20/08/2022 - Firmware Version 1.6.0

NEW Update - 2 NEW Lifetime Achievements Explained - From Firmware Version 1.6.0

Two new achievements have been added to Firmware Ver1.6.0 & EMO App Ver1.1.2





Does anyone know what Upcoming will do? (Lifetime on app)

I haven’t seen anyone post about this so hopefully, it isn’t a repeat! But the upcoming section of my lifetime has always intrigued me. Does anyone know or have any ideas or guesses what it is? My guess is maybe some sort of personality tree but idk.

This is what AI thought should go here :blush:

I’m Not So Sure,
Maybe It Could Be “The Singinglist”

What I Mean “The Singinglist” Meaning If Singing (Still Being Tested) Was Released,
The User Might Be Able To choose A Song EMO Can Sing, Different Genres As Well.
The Personality Tree Is A Great Idea It Can Be The 4th List In The Lifetime Page.

But I Will Tag @Lindaru So That She Can Help Us Figure It Out.

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@jol1 . . . at this time there has not been any word on what that unknown lifetime list might have in it. It is possible (only speculation on my part) that it may have something to do with the games other than Modern Ludo and Angry Emo (the beast awakens) which is in his regular lifetime achievements.

Hopefully we find out some time soon.

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