Emo alarm battery

Hi all i read that Emo can play for about 2 or 3 hours before charging… if i set an alarm he have to stay on skate? Or he go to sleep until he wake up with alarm? Tnx


You can send EMO to sleep or if it is active it will go to sleep after some time, it will make the snoring only for one minute, after that it will be quiet.

As long as he doesn’t hear any noise during the night he doesn’t react, so you can use him as an alarm clock. :slight_smile:


Ok but can the battery lasts all night till the alarm? 2 or 3 hours playing is like 8 9 hours sleeping mode?

I have not yet tried to have him active all night without skateboard.

I will try it on the weekend. :slight_smile:

Ok because if i need to set an alarm I’d like to know if Emo can do it…

Yes good point here thanks for the question it’s really interesting to use The Alarm feature

Hi, it’s also 2 to 3 hours for the sleeping mode now.

Tnx… so he have to stay on skate all night