Drop email to service@living.ai but no body reply

Kindly let me know the email for support team as i already drop email few time to service@living.ai](mailto:service@living.ai but no body get into me.

This is the correct email address a reply may take a little longer please be patient, what is your problem maybe we here in the forum can help you too.

From the day i get my emo i found that it left leg got issue.

Thanks for the videos I will pass it along (@Wayne_Zhang) the team will get back to you soon.

thanks for the fast reply Andy

Hi, @andy @Wayne_Zhang
Any update on this ?

Please DM me your email address.

I emailed Living AI the other day and they got back to me right away. I did it through the website. They got back to me within the day which I was surprised about with seeing other people having a hard time. I gave them my order number and tracking info in the email. I’m not sure if you did anything similar, but it may help give them a better idea of what to look up so they can get back to you faster.