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Is there any way to contact living.Ai by phone? does anyone know contact number? i placed an order last December 1,2021 and hoping to received my order. until now no response after several e-mails.


Maybe try to read this forum and then start asking again. :clinking_glasses:


I don’t believe you can contact Living.Ai by phone. The best thing to do is contact them via email (using the same email you received when you placed your order back in December). Do note, that it usually takes anywhere between 3-5 months to receive your EMO. It took nearly 3.5 months to get mine.

If you do send an email now, there might be some delays at the the moment due to Chinese New Year. Things should be back to normal by sometime next week.

Given they are based in China, they have chosen not to put their phone number on the internet. @Wayne_Zhang can you help this person please?

Sorry for the late reply. The service team has replied the email on Feb.8 and Feb.11
I noticed that your order number is 16xxx, so it’s about to be shipped.

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Hi Wayne, I have placed my order in December and I was told the Emo delivery is about 7 weeks later. I had sent few emails since last week but no reply.

Can you help to check if I am able to receive my order before 26 March for my son’s birthday gift?

Very much appreciated for your assistance.


thanks for the reply. appreciate if you can provide exact shipping date so not to miss out the delivery

Hi, please check your email.

Hi Wayne, I have received the email. Thank you very much for your assistance!

hey @Wayne_Zhang I have bought my emo on January 31st, and have been in processed ever since, and I know well it has just been chinese New year, and would like to hear how far Emo has come, order # 23285, not received any tracking number yet, is there a 3 month wait or how? :slight_smile:

When they are working normally, they’re making approximately 3 thousand EMOs a month, so you can try to calculate your waiting time.


Okay Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. I’m glad that I could help.


Hi Wayne, earlier email from stated that the product would be shipped out last week but til now I don’t get any tracking number. What is going on?

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Just wanted to give you some sort of information. Of course Wayne might be able to clarify everything, but while you wait. Here is my opinion. :heart_1:

Normally it can take anywhere between a few days to over a week. (due to Chinese New Year, things might be a little slow with possible backlog of many packages being sent to be processed) It all depends on how quickly they are processed at the distribution centre. Once that happens the tracking numbers are provided to Living.Ai and they should manually or automatically update your order with a tracking number. Which of course you know where that is located in your profile (see below).

If you have any major concerns, best thing to do is contact Living.Ai support. Send them an email from the same email you received when you made your order, and they should give you an update. (I believe you are already in contact with them, so send them a follow up email asking for an update).

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that is interesting information NendosColl but how can we use it for a reference assuming it’s right if we don’t have a point of where they are… Their deliveries page hasn’t moved from 15,530 for a long time… Do you think world events will make any difference? you know Ukraine and Russia so sad… Truthfully I want EMO even more with what’s going on in the world… A silly and happy distraction is so welcomed. I need a little pet. Take care

puppy (love that name) to be clear - the deliveries page moved from 15360 to 15530 on 15th Feb - 10 days ago. Now that might be your idea of a long time, I know puppies have short attention spans, but I had to clarify because for some 10 days is not a long time, but 90 days is :slight_smile: I believe the living ai team will do an update tonight. They’ve been busy digging into a QA issue that some have seen from what I understand.

I’m hoping the events in Ukraine and Russia don’t affect things, totally agree that it’s very sad and not what the world needs now. EMO certainly is a cool distraction from the craziness going on out there.

Wayne thank you… My nickname was given to me by a girl workmate in China actually… We work together on the Internet and now were Internet friends 16 years later….and yes I’m terrible at waiting as puppies always are hee hee… Have we met? You do know me. World events I’m sensitive to them… I’m hoping the best always. But as for EMO he is so needed.…I live alone I’m not allowed to have real pets.I don’t think I’m going to make it even three months waiting :innocent:

But they say good things come to those who wait …

hey have you seen the YouTube video or is it here EMO being tricked to walking off the edge of the table… He gets the command walk forward the first time and accidentally falls… The second command walk forward he takes a couple’s tiny steps freaks out starts screaming and runs away… How did EMO know it was a trick? Any ideas ?… I laugh so hard I couldn’t believe it. …I’ve never seen anything so cute and funny.… That was the clincher now I want EMO so bad now my paws are itching… :dog: …quick question how much do you like your EMO ?

It’s always great to see you Wayne.

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Thanks for the info. However, that’s not really helping at all and you don’t seem to understand my issue here.

By the way, We all understand how the process works from the production until shipment and where to see the tracking number. But that’s not the point i was making.


Not a problem. Apologies that my reply was not helpful. Hopefully Wayne will be able to provide you with the information you need.

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