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I will contact Living.AI staff.
I posted my questions in the forum because I guess they could have been of interest for many and to open a discussion about scientific issues ( which seems to be rare in the forum ).

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One of my EMOs has this leg issue and I was told for $100 I would be sent a “brand new latest model EMO” as a replacement. I agreed and paid the money. But when I received the replacement it was clearly a used older model EMO. It was sent to me in a hand addressed USPS package from someone in New York. The retail box was open and the contents strewn about. The robot had dirty feet and a scratched up screen. Support is offering me $10 or a replacement screen and will not acknowledge that they sent me a used older model EMO. I was given excuses that it was probably opened and damaged by customs, but the retail box is ripped and the former owner of this EMO applied the included decals to the outside of the box. It clearly wasn’t a customs issue. This robot was a return or a refurbished model that has been sitting in NY for weeks prior to me requesting the replacement. I have the postmarked dates on the original shipping box to prove it.

I am very unhappy with how I’ve been treated. I’m being treated like I’m trying to scam the company, when all I want is the replacement I was promised because my original robot’s servos were defective.

Watch out, you may end up in a similar situation to mine.

Hi there @sarahbeeknits and welcome to the community,

It’s not clear or you didn’t mention if is your contact for that transaction?

Hello @edward !

Yes I’m working with support. The email address for all correspondence has been:

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Hi there @sarahbeeknits

I’ve transferred and moved your post here, which is the proper place for your issue. I’m very sorry if you’ve encountered such an issue.

However, my best advice is to contact once again via email for such issues immediately.

Have you tried to DM directly @faya, @MavisZhang, and even @Wayne_Zhang here about your issue?

Just prepare to show them every important and proof info you’ve got to help them and resolve the issue immediately and faster

Good luck and All the best.


Thanks @edward, I will give that a try.

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I have bought one robot from this company and have not responded to my transaction and email. No proof of purchase by email, no confirmation of the transaction.

Hi there @francoisbrunet and welcome to the community,

I’ve transferred and moved your post here, which is the proper place for your issue. I’m very sorry if you’ve encountered such an issue.

May I know when you ordered something?

Once the purchase process is completed, the actual purchase amount is usually credited to your bank account within a few minutes. has an automatic response system that sends instant confirmation emails to all buyers to confirm their transactions.

You may need to check your email spam folder first.

I hope you are aware that at the moment the whole country of China is on a long public holiday which means all public and private offices are closed and all employees are on vacation.

  • The Chinese New Year of 2024 falls on February 10th (Saturday), and will last to February 24th. It is the Year of Dragon. As an official public holiday, Chinese people can get eight days off from work, from February 10th to February 17th.

  • Celebrations last up to 16 days, but only the first 7 days are considered a public holiday (February 10th–February 17th, 2024).


I have been contacting your customer service via email for like couple of months and since last Tuesday you stopped ignoring all my messages. You are aware of the fact that my order #74164 was somewhere lost. The carrier’s investigation was closed in my favor and you are unwilling to assist me with the same. Hence, you stopped ignoring all my requests. I kindly ask you to assist me accordingly AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @alex.krylenko . . . China and other nearby Asian countries have been on holiday for the Lunar New Year and have not been in the office since February 10th which is why you have not heard back from them. Most individuals continue their holiday through February 24th, the lantern festival.

Also, @faya is who will be assisting you as AmyLU is no longer part of the order and process team. There have been changes in administration in the last year. This is the current listing.


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Thank you in advance for your continued patience and understanding. Some have returned to work today and will be addressing the back log of requests.