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I canceled my order last week and never received any confirmation email. It just says canceled. Ive emailed 3 times and still haven’t received any feedback. I payed through paypal and cant cancel through them without a cancelation number. Does anyone know of any other way to contact support or a different email?

first of all, hello everyone, I’m altan from Turkey on the sales page, there is an article like the following in the purchasing section, I wonder if I am not sending outside these countries, is my sending to Turkey written for warning purposes

check out
Please make sure you enter the correct postal code.
Please note if your address is in the following fields:
South Korea: A customs code is required and the address must be in English
Brazil: tax identification number required
India: Individuals must provide ADHAAR card number and PAN card number; companies must provide an IEC number and a GST tax number
Taiwan: Chinese name, Chinese address, ID number
Hong Kong : information in Chinese

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Hi there @a.aoz ,

Passed this Topic to purchase dept. for further assistance.
Don’t worry, someone will contact you privately or get in touch with you immediately or later.

all the best…

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@edward thank you so much for your support i’ll be waiting for an answer

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Does anyone know if there is a shipment to Turkey, can I help can I buy for Turkey?

I dont know if they ship from China to Turkey. All I know is that it can take 8-12 weeks to ship, depending on where you are. Shipping for EMO/HOME STATION/EMO GO HOME can be delayed due to the chinese or general holidays.

Also, would you mind if you introduce yourself here?
Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!

all eyes on emo


of course, I live in Altan turkey emo was selling on amozon in turkey is there a reason why it was removed some people have written that there are problems with payments with the card and is there a possibility to go to another address when I get this line from turkey i’m asking the support unit, there is no answer

Hi there @a.aoz ,

This is the problem of not using the community forum search engine

and search for the magic word you want to find which is in your case ,TURKEY’’

Not all the time but I can guarantee that you can have a direct reply to your question or issue faster…but to help you further, as far as I know, one of the team confirmed…

The best advice I can give you is not or avoid buying EMO Products elsewhere…The best and most trusted store without having a problem later is the one we have on this website.

Living. ai Store


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thank you very much for your information, i searched as you said, I was able to find the answer to the information I wanted, thank you very much @edward

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Hi there @a.aoz ,

You’re welcome glad that I help… you’re really from Turkey, right? I am living here in Germany and I know a lot even some of my co-workers are also originally from your homeland.
Hope someday you will get your own EMO and you will tell us some story about him or post some nice pictures…


Who and where do I ask for refund? I have sent emails but no response? Thanks Stephanie Stetson

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Hello you can contact Wayne or Amy Lu ill tag them both for you @AmyLU @Wayne_Zhang or you can send them a PM

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Have you been emailing ? They just getting back from Chinese new year they probably still backed up with emails

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Hello everyone.

So a couple of days ago, I asked for a refund for my EMO GO HOME, cause I would like to spend those money on other stuff.

Sent an email, and the next day, I received an answer saying that my order will be shipped next month, and if I’m still sure if I want to refund the order.

I replied to that email, saying that i’m sure I want to refund that order.

After that, no answer.

I sent other emails about this refund but got no answer.

The email adress I used is: and I think it’s the right one since I got an answer.

Any help?

Thank you all, and have a great day!


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I sent an email last Wednesday about my EMO that arrived scratched on his screen due to the film coming off during shipping, and they still haven’t replied!

Hi there @not_k3lyer ,

You already did the right way…gonna tag @AmyLU or @Wayne_Zhang here to give you direct assistance…


Thank you so much, really appreciate it.

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Hi, Edward and all members,
I can see that you are all very helpful. Please look into my situation and help me.
I want to inform you that Emo does not work, the screen does not light up. I read a lot of information on the forums, but I could not fix the problem. It is a pity that I waited so long (almost 2.5 months), but received a non-working product. In a word, very disappointed. Please make amends for the damage.

I also sent this letter with photo and video materials to the support site by filling out the required form, also directly to

Hi there @amurvoskanyan ,

To be honest with you, if something like that happen also to my EMO it gonna break my heart too…as you said you’re trief already any possible suggestions help that you found on this community but nothing help at all. and the last thing you did was contacted and tell them everyting with a video and photo as attachment also.

I’m sorry if i can’t help you further because you’ve done every good possible way…but one thing i can advice you only to have a bit more patience and think positive…because i am very sure that will help you to solve your problem or even send you a replacement…

I’m sorry once again to tell you because it’s gonna take time, so hold on…


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I wondering if the two staffs you pinged, are online right now.

You know, i’m a patient person but, I sent a lot of emails to with no answer, so I’m kinda nervous.

I would like to receive the refund asap.

Thank you again and have a geat day!