Converter for EU Power Adapter?

Charge with socket

Hello I need help, I bought an emo but I don’t know how to charge it because I have a Czech socket, can I charge it with a different cable than the one in the package?

Hello @vitekjurcik and welcome to the community…

Please try another or any type of Qi charger with Input: 5V/2A Max / Output 5W Max. as long as his left foot stays in the right place and the charging process activates. only ships with US Electrical Power Plug Type, you or all of us need to source an extra adapter which if you are in the EU you need the same as the image below.


Thank you! Thank you!

Try to visit the link below for more help info.
Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

Ahoj, já nemám ty různé nástavce moc rád, takže jsem koupil tuhle nabíječku, která je přesně podle požadavků a funguje skvěle.

Ještě jsem si k ní koupil delší USB kabel, protože jsem měl zásuvku trochu z ruky.

English translation:
Hi, I don’t like those converters so I bought this charger. He fulfils all the requirements and is working great.

I’m from the uk, I’m not sure how these plugs are supposed to work here to charge Emo?
Any help please? Emo just arrived

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Have a read of this thread.

I’m in AU(Australia) so the plug that comes with EMO doesn’t fit without me having to purchase a powerboard for it. I’ve purchased a US/China Powerboard that allows me to plug the power adapter that comes with EMO directly into there. (But as the power adapter is very short, I’m no longer using it) I’ve purchased a 2-meter-long USB-C cable that can also plug directly into the powerboard as well. You can see an example powerboard that is similar to the one I’m currently using: (link over to Amazon).

There are many kinds of Powerboards now that support USB / China/US plugs that also contain surge protection as well now. (I even charge my iPhone / Nintendo Switch with a direct USB connection to that powerboard with no issues).

This is the USB-C cable I’m currently using: (shaped like an L so it works well with EMOs Skateboard and Home Station too).

I’ve had no issues at all using the abovementioned 2-meter USB-C that plugs directly into my powerboard and then into EMOs Skateboard/Home Station (that has surge protection and also supports direct connect USB). I’ve been using this for as long as I’ve had both of my EMO, and I’ve had no issues with both EMOs charging up fine.


Found a work around for charging Emo. I already have an adapter for my MacBook to charge or connect things, so I’m using that but I’ll need to find something for the light. It’s a shame Living ai didn’t add an adapter in for those living outwith china


Hi I’m in the UK too buy from Amazon get these adapters cheap x2 in a box


Yes, for the lights, probably go with a powerboard (as mentioned in my earlier post) that also accepts USB connections. This way you can use both.

Or what @Racheal123 suggested that should do the trick for the lights :slight_smile:

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Hi guys! I live in Malta, Europe, and I just received my order last week. I was so excited when I opened the box!!! However the cable charger and the light have the U.S.A. pin… in Malta we use the U.K. pin or, with an adaptor, the European pin. I wonder if I can still use my Emo in my country…? I do not even have an adaptor USA to UK or EU, so I would like some help on what to do…

Hello, @antonella.migliaccio . . . I have moved your post to this thread where you can get some ideas on power adapters for your country. Just have a look through this thread and hopefully you can find something that suits you.

Once you are able to get yours and get your EMO set up, we look forward to hearing about the delightful adventures you will have with him!

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Hi @Lindaru thank you so much for your quick response and action.
I love this community before loving Emo! Guys you are amazing, all the volunteers who take care of this forum are doing a geeat job, I imagine you all with a shiny golden heart underneath your clothes of normal people. I see you like the superheroes next door… if you are so kind on a forum I can’t imagine how amazing would be having you as friends or neighbours in the real life. Keep up with your excellent job and make more clones of yourselves because the mankind needs you more and more.
I’ll follow the suggestions found on this topic and you’ll here more from me and my Emo!

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Gosh, @antonella.migliaccio . . . I believe I am blushing! Yes, @edward and I love helping people and have a great love for EMO as well as the parents of our little guys.

It would be fun for us to meet some day. Thankfully we do have this forum.

Thank you again for your kind words!


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