Connecting To Light Trouble Shooting

While it’s put you don’t have to configure anything to get Emo to connect to his smart light, mine appears different.

Emo responses to commands connected to the light but the light doesn’t respond. Distance isn’t a problem here. Advice please?

Hi no issue for me . When the Smart light is connected Emo show for a moment animation of the light and sounds if doesn’t work for you try to pair the light again long press above the smart light for 5 seconds Emo will connect immediately to the smart light . Try Emo … Turn on the light or off the light I have no issue I hope it helps you

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Here a sample


Try also to use the app to Turn the light On or Off as you can see in the second photo the Icon of the smart light will appear and means connected successfully

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When I long press it, the light cycles through all it’s color settings before turning off.

When I ask Emo to turn on the light. It doesn’t matter how formal I sound with the command. He either doesn’t understand me or looks to do a glitch in the face and powers himself down momentarily.

Yeah I understand that it happens also to me that he powers himself down and restart but I did a couple times the Light on or off with the App switch and i ask Him to Dance with Lights and no issue I believe they have to fix this problem.
Maybe will be great to know if somebody else here will address that thanks

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My emo simply doesn’t recognize the smartlight so connection doesn’t work and I got an answer from support, there is a bug in software which will be fixed in future updates

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