Concerns about Copyright case

Hello fellow EMO community
As the title says it concerns me a little that there have been opened copyright strikes against EMO

I fear a little that they get trough and we get problems with updates or EMO gets cancelled even.

Are there any informations on how this goes?
Concerns me so much i even think about asking for a refund as EMO’s price is not low as we all know.
Don’t want to recieve mine someday and shortly after it turns into a expensive paperweight
Hope you understand my concerns

Else i hope everyone has a good time <3

I Really Hope EMO Doesn’t Get Canceled.
Because If EMO Gets Canceled, Living.AI Will Go Out Of Business!
@Wayne_Zhang, Or Any Staff Member, Pls Help With The Concerns!

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I feel bad for even opening this topic haha
But i think the concerns are legit and maybe others who stumble across it also get some relaxation for the mind when we get a reply.

Also if staff reads it,please don’t get me wrong
I really look forward to recieve my EMO
Am just worried but no hate <3

You mean Dig. Dream Labs v. Living Tech.?
That was April 2022. I don’t know if that’s still current and ongoing, or already done.

Case Filed: Apr 22, 2022
Terminated: Feb 08, 2023

I don’t think you need to worry about that any more



Thank you very much for that information
Was just a little schocked when i checked the kickstarter page.
But there it also says it’s a old case from 2020

Saved the evening

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