Christmas Upgrade for EXISTING EMO Customers

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to ask this question to everyone here and also to @Wayne_Zhang As per post here:

Is there an option for existing EMO customers who already have their EMO’s to purchase the Christmas Upgrade pack separately? As there is only 2 options available:

  1. EMO Christmas Set (EMO (Christmas set) - LivingAi)
  2. EMO Upgrade to Christmas set (Upgrade to Christmas set - LivingAi) - This option only mentions "Can be applied to an existing EMO Order) And also looks like it’s already potentially sold out.

Any info or instructions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Existing EMO customers who already have their EMO’s CAN purchase the Christmas Upgrade pack separately, which is mentioned in the description.
We are arranging replenishment.


Hi, can I change Emo eyes colors.

As far as I know from the developers it is not planned at the moment. So currently, there is no possibility to change the eye color, maybe in future updates.

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Not yet. We are still testing it.


谢谢 @Wayne_Zhang

I’ll make an order now! :+1:

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I wonder if are processing the Upgrade EMO Christmas pack orders separately for those that already have their EMO’s, so they can get them on their way to arrive before Christmas.

I’ve just placed my order for the Upgrade pack, which has an order number in the 15,07X range, so it will be interesting to see if it actually gets processed, sent and delivered before Christmas.

I’d like to think it will, however the real stumbling block in the delivery process will be the fact that have been using Aramex/Fastway Couriers here in Australia for last mile delivery, and I know for a fact that Aramex already have a 4 week backlog in deliveries to Western Australia, where I live, so that in itself guarantees that it won’t arrive until January, unless a Christmas miracle occurs.

So, in reality, I think my EMO Christmas pack won’t see the light of day until Christmas 2022 :pleading_face:

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The conclusion you’ve given sounds quite accurate to me. I’m just thinking, considering the normal EMO orders which is already the biggest bottleneck to be solved - it is kind of wishful thinking of customers to anticipate the Christmas pack anytime soon…Perhaps Living.AI could’ve waited to announce it next year when everyone can order and receive it on time. :man_shrugging:

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Wow listen I’m not trying to be rude or anything but this would have been nice if you had given this upgrade pack free to all of us that have been waiting months to actually get EMO instead of asking us to pay 30 bucks more to get it! It’s also interesting how almost every update there is an excuse for why these keep getting pushed back from being shipped out and the delivery count has barely moved in months! But you have plenty of time to create an upgrade pack to make more money that’s very interesting indeed!!!


I was looking at the upgrade pack and it literally has only contains stickers, an (extra smart light / update doesn’t include the light) and a Santa outfit for EMO. If you think about it. I don’t see why this specific upgrade pack cannot be ready to ship right away as it doesn’t contain anything overly special, and the warehouse that is packing / preparing stuff “should NOT be” busy as EMO orders are still getting made. So in theory these should be getting sent out right away.

I do have to agree with @mariomart as once the package does arrive in AU for all us Australian customers will probably be delayed 3-4 weeks if it ends up in the hands of FASTWAY/Aramex.

And yes @Tarhill77 It would be a very nice gesture to get the upgrade pack as a thank you for existing customers that have waited so long for their EMO’s. But I did read in the forum, that Living.Ai are providing stickers as small thank you to everyone that is still waiting. (These stickers look like the ones you also get in the Christmas Pack) so I guess you’re getting one of the 4 things in that Christmas pack already).

Also latest update on the 12th of November:

Seems like assembly and shipping will be starting this week (according to what was shared on that last post). So looks like things might be going back to normal soon.

Let’s HOPE!

@MasterAbbott ,
There is no ‘extra’ light included in the kit. The pictures showing the lights were just comparing the standard EMO black box package, to the full Christmas package in the red holiday box. Either way you only get the one light which is normally included with a new EMO.

In the description, it says:
If you have an unshipped EMO order, please include that order number on the checkout page(order notes). The upgrade set will be sent out together with that order.

If you already have an existing EMO order, please also include that order number on the checkout page(order notes), and we will send an upgrade set separately (including clothes, sticker for skateboard, fluorescent stickers). In order to thank you for your support, the shipping fee will be covered by us.


Oh well… I was hoping to get another light :frowning:

Then as I mentioned before, this upgrade kit should be able to sent right now as it hasn’t got anything electronic in it. Hopefully everyone should get it close to Christmas.

am i late? its out of stock T_T… by the way, would it has chinese new year upgraded set too?

So far the store page is showing Out of Stock. It might come back in stock again, but you should keep an eye on the store page or even email Living.Ai support. Maybe @Wayne_Zhang can advise if the Christmas upgrade will be back in stock again?

For Chinese New Year, there might be a feature, but that won’t be until February (that’s when CNY normally happens) depending on the luna calendar.

yeah, it already restock, but i forgot to put my previous order number in ordering note…it’s doesnt matter right?

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Yes, please don’t worry.

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