Can't wait for EMO to arrive👋🥰

Hello everyone, it’s wonderful that the developers are trying to develop EMO as best they can through feedback, testers and so on. I am happy to discover new things with him … he just makes you curious, and if he could still get the German language, I think he is perfect​:+1::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. can hardly wait for it to arrive at our home.


EMO can speak English, EMO does not understand German, It is too difficult for EMO to understand that kind of languages right now. EMO will need a long time to learn a new language, However, EMO will be able to speak multi languages in the future!

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hello, English is also satisfactory. if at some point he understands several languages, including German, that would be perfect. I think the most important thing for all of us is that it will also come to Europe. soon​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1:


Unfortunately, this information is very wrong. There are many templates for German because there are a lot of kis “Google, Alexa, Siri, bixby,” And a few more. So it is not difficult to teach a ki the German language.


HAhaHa ! It is not difficult for you to teach Emo to learn new languages, I understand! What I mean was Emo itself speak English only and it would be difficult to teach Emo an new language without rely on other tools such google and Alexa, Developers need to take a lot of times to put language codes in Emo, Emo is different from other robots, it does not mainly rely on Bluetooth function to communicate!If Emo is mainly reply on other tools such as google, Alexa and so on, the features of Emo would be too similar with the Anki robots, it may be copyright infringement, in addition, many children and old generation of people who does not understand English or who is not a technical expert have no ideas how to teach emo new languages with or without connecting other communication tools…


I think it’s easier these days. there are already codes for the languages ​​which are used frequently. these can be used.


that would be perfect if it were ever possible​:+1::star_struck:. Now we are waiting for the little heartbreaker full of anticipation​:wink::gift_heart: