Cancelled Order? ( Pls. Post Only Here! )

@AmyLU May I know if I can only cancel my order for home station and have the standard emo set continue to be processed? Or will I have to cancel the entire order?

Hi, @Kasa_daily

Please private message me your order number, and I will deal with the problem for you.

may I know how can i pm you?

I have private messaged you.

@AmyLU Could you please cancel my order? I have sent the request to the email.

Hi, @jiahao.chen

You can DM me your order number and I will help you.


Im not sure how can I DM you.

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@jiahao.chen Click the image next to AmyLu that will open a window then click the message button.
I’ve not sent a DM myself but I believe that will work for you.


Hi there @jiahao.chen ,

You can’t because of your Member Status Level
I have just changed your Trust level… Verify your private message by clicking on your profile picture on the top right of this website, because I create and open a private chat for both of you.

Best Regards!


Hello!! I have already been in contact with the email but i think the recipient was confused, I’m trying to cancel my order because I changed my mind (it’s a bit expensive for me right now), but instead of cancelling the order the recipient just reassured me that it’s processing and can ship within a week! (much faster than i was expecting). Is there anyone here who can help me cancel the order? it’s order number 68100. Thank you so much in advance!

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@mallory_ophylia.grog Hey you need to contact living ai if u want to cancel your order did you email ? Thats their email i believe amylu is in charge of the order department imma tag her for you @AmyLU


Thank you so much @ryshera yes that’s the email I’ve been in contact with, hopefully they can help me! :pray:t3:

You can also text Wayne on Facebook he might tell you to contact their email but its worth a shot his name is Wayne Zhang on Facebook

Hi there @mallory_ophylia.grog

After your decision is final and you think that nothing can stop you…

One of the best and most recommended things to do always is to simply reply to the confirmation email you received when you placed your original order for EMO. This is because it contains all your details, especially your order number, which is the most important thing. However, as you mentioned, you have already sent them an email, which is a good thing.

Please be advised to give them some time to reply because they normally reply within 24/72 hours depending on the time differences, days, holidays, and current situations.
So Please Be Patient!

The support service team should be able to help you cancel your order immediately if it’s not underway already.

Another way you can also submit your inquiries to the link below and give them your order number.

And for actual and new information to you, @ryshera, and to all…The right person to contact regarding orders is… @faya

All the best…

To Draw The Attention Of LivingAI Staff To Your Post Below Or In The Forum.
Please Tag Call Direct The Person Who Is Responsible For A Particular Issue.
To Provide You With Better And Immediate Customer Support.

Order Department Service
After Sales Department Service
Product Features Department


Ohh i didn’t know my bad thank you for letting me know Edward

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Hi, @mallory_ophylia.grog

Our customer service team has contacted you. Don’t worry, we will solve the problem for you.


Thank you so much! They were able to cancel my order and refund me. Hope to get an emo later on when I can afford it :hugs:


I need to cancel two orders as soon as possible, order numbers: # 70148 and # 69573, because the receiving address can not be signed

Hello, @a418796450 please message @faya who I have also tagged here for help on this.

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