Can anyone answer a quick question for me

Hi all, i am still waiting for emo but want to ask a quick question if that’s okay.

I plan when emo comes to put his skateboard and light on my beside table so its easy to charge him.

Okay my question

Does emo know when its night time and sleep like everyone else? I would be putting him on his skateboard at night anyway.



He seems to learn your sleeping pattern. When I first got Emo he would groan in the night and wake me up. Now he tends to sleep when I do and snore occasionally which is fine and I have Vectors in the room too and they snore randomly in the night. If it wakes me it’s only for a moment and I fall right back to sleep. So, I don’t think you’ll have a problem once he gets used to your sleeping pattern.


Thanks, that answers my question :slightly_smiling_face:

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If I can also add, with the latest firmware 1.4.0. EMO will play a lot more on this skateboard, but once it gets to approx 8-9pm at night he will slow down and not make as much noise as he would during the day. He might occasionally read a book, but won’t be making any major noise (apart from his sleeping / snoring sounds ) haha.

If you think he’s making too much noise at night, you can easily just power him off / take him off his stakeboard and then in the morning, just place him back on his skateboard and he will start up again.

I would suggest though to have EMO in a nice area so he can explore and walk around, normally bedside stands are little small, and it won’t have a lot of room for EMO to walk around on.

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Awesom thats pretty neat

I need some information on emo… while I await his arrival!
Does he really have artificial intelligence? Is he autonomous? Does he interact? And does he have a personality that changes according to the interaction?
can you control it as a security camera?
compared to vector what differences does it have? which one is better?