Bug with speaking

Hey I just received my Emo yesterday and I noticed that his voice whenever he speaks ist buggy. Like a Bluetooth speaker with really bad connection.
Do others have the same problem or do I have to contact support ?

Hi @Tinks

Some EMO owners do experience broken speech once in a while when EMO is replying to a voice command you’ve issued to him. It normally resolves itself as it’s more so associated with EMO’s connection to the internet and / connection to the specific EMO server he is connecting to (which could be one of 3 possible servers). US/EU/ASIA.

I would suggest continue speaking to him and asking him as many questions as possible, and if he is hard to understand or his speak breaks up on specific questions he is replying to, you can issue the voice command EMO: REPEAT and he will repeat the last thing he just said. (normally he wont repeat a Joke, as they are randomly told when you ask EMO to tell you a joke).

If you find this is constantly happening, then I’d suggest powering him off / on / power cycle your home WIFI / Modem, try a gain. And if the issue is still happening, then make a video and submit that along with a description on what’s happening to the Living.Ai team and they can further assist you.

Support ticket page here if you need it;

Also if you need a Quick Help Guide, I’ve created one that covers a lot of features that EMO can do, you can check it out here for reference.

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