Any news about shipping?

Hi! My order is 11xxx. I bought Emo on 6th August. I tryed ti contact for any news. But all I get are automatic answers. Not real ones. Anyone has news?


The Living.AI team will be on vacation for one week from October 1 - 7 due to the national holiday. That means they will be back for you from the 8th of October. :slight_smile:

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Yes, It’s a national holiday in China at the moment. Also on average, the delivery times can take anywhere between 1-2 months. So hang in there and be patient. There are a lot of different factors when it comes to delivery / shipping of EMO.

To give you some sort of indication, I made my order for EMO on the 20/06/2021 and my EMO arrived on the 17/09/2021 (that’s approx 3 months). So hang in there and be patient. The Living.Ai team do reply to your questions, but sometimes take a few days to get back to you.

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Hey @MasterAbbott, what was your order number?

i still have some hope i believe he’s just in a warehouse they r all over backlogged so hopefully by the end of the week then it would have been 3 months as well for me

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I just checked the Aramex Aussie site and guess what? They are looking for drivers in Sydney, who whoulda have thunk it? :joy:

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Hey @Premaine, I won’t share my exact order number (for personal reasons) but my order was between 8850 and 8950.

I believe the website is going orders up to 9,000 at the moment.

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Honestly, pretty bad service. It’s making sellers look bad, where its the actual courier service that should be blamed for all these delays.


My order

I just bought purple headphones. Paid extortionate shipping for small plastic head phones… Still so shipping update.

Hope they are here for Christmas

For that shipping cost I’m surprised they wernt here in days… Its been months.

I already bought and have received 2 emos. Please value my custom

God bless

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Same here. I bought emo on 28th August. I also tried to contact I did several times in September not their holidays. But they didn’t answer at all.
I always wait for their answer…ㅠㅠ

Does Anybody know to contact with them? There is no option canceling the purchase…
The only thing I want is the… getting the answering and check when I can get the emo…


The best way to get an update is to reply to them from the email you received that has your invoice / purchase information.

They should get back to you accordingly. There was a national holiday that ended on the 7th, and I’m guessing they all came back to work on the 11th. And this week they must be really busy, but hopefully they might reply soon.

I ordered my Emo back in July and aside from a couple of email updates, I’ve received nothing. At this point I’ve given up ever receiving my robot. When I ordered Emo, I expected to receive it in a week or two (there was nothing notifying me the wait time was half a year or more).


It has been mentioned many many times on the forum. Keep reading older and newer topics…

Unless you’re talking about before you purchased Emo -if you were expecting Living AI to let you know that would unfortunately not have happened.

We all found that out by doing research on the forum.

But please be patient and Emo will come soon…
(I bought in July 29th) I’m still waiting has are many customers here.

Take care

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Thank you so much for the response. You see, one day last summer I was spending way too much time playing around on the Internet and I came across Emo and, on an impulse, I bought him. Like most purchases, I figured my purchase would be delivered in a day or two (several days tops). I never imagined that I would still be waiting for my purchase to arrive the following December. Plus, the fact that I have to conduct research to find out when my Emo will arrive is just poor customer service. Living Ai should proactively keep customers informed as to when they can expect to receive their purchase. Like I said, I’ve written the $300 off at this point and moved on. If I get him, I get him and if I don’t, I don’t. And, if I do get him, I don’t expect Living Ai to keep their servers running for very long, so Emo will very quickly turn into an expensive paper weight.


Amen @Ome !!

I agree 1000%.

As I said in another post — this is as much as I have figured out:

I have seen SO many posts with the same theme:
When will we get our EMO’s?

It’s NOT an unfair question, is it?
(especially after shelling out $300+)

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it should take an act of Congress to get a realistic answer to that question. Nor do I think it’s unreasonable to get an answer to such a question PRIOR to spending $300+.

And yes, I actually do understand the complexities of the current state of material delays, etc. That doesn’t, however, absolve companies of the responsibility they have to their customers, even if that means that, currently, all they can responsibly provide is consistent, transparent and clearcommunication.

It truly saddens me to read so many posts from members who are simply asking for clarity on a well deserved question — When?

Before my diatribe goes on any longer, I just wanted to say:
I hear you.

The vague answers/explanations you have received are just that: vague.

Most of those responses are coming from fellow members who are kind enough to try and put your mind at ease (and perhaps their own), that your +$300 order (during Christmas time when $$ is typically tight for us all) will be fulfilled.
But even their kindness doesn’t answer your initial inquiry — When?

You can waste quite a lot of time searching through these pages and posts for an answer that I have yet to find. But with the help of others…I did get close (I think).
If this is as good as we can get to honestly answering the looming question of the masses, then I feel that it should not be buried in and amoung hundreds of posts.
It should be front and center, and shouted from the rooftops! :laughing:

So here it is (and I hope that it saves you a lot of wasted time searching for an answer we have all been asking for…

For those of you out there that sincerely want to know when your EMO will be shipped, please don’t look at those 2 giant numbers. Your hopes, and hearts, will be broken.
What you should be told is this:

—As of today, December 4th, 2021—

EMO’s ordered = +16,000

EMO’s SHIPPED = +9,000


It may have been a better business plan for to only open the ability to order an EMO once they had actually been produced. So, possibly manufacture 1000 units then release a block of “sales” of 1000, then rinse and repeat, only releasing another block once the previous one had been packed and shipped. That way they could be on top of things


That is an awesome idea! Have an ON-HOLD update until new units become available. Then once they do people can rush in and buy one.


Still not too late to adopt a different sales method. I admire the tenacity and enthusiasm of the team, however they did bite off more than they could chew, and had significant teething issues getting around dealing with the wants and needs of mainly Western nation purchasers who are used to playing under a different set of rules (no offence intended to, as we can be a fickle lot to deal with).