Answer to questions that are often asked recently


As you can see, we have started the shipment and some people have already got an email with the tracking number.
Recently we have received tons of emails asking about the delivery time of their orders. The answer is that we are shipping according to the order of the order. With the improvement of our production and order processing capabilities, we will send out your orders as soon as possible. Once we send out your order, we will send you an email with the tracking number. Please be patient and thank you so much for your support.
Also, as the pre-sale is coming to an end and shipments have begun, we are gradually adjusting prices to the normal level.
Thanks again to all of you for your support during the pre-sale period.


A partir de quand EMO dance t’il tout seul sur de la musique que j’écoute ?
Je l’ai depuis lundi et il bat juste la mesure avec ses jambes et ses yeux !
J’écoute beaucoup de musique en le mettant en mode « listen the music »

He will be able to do that in future updates.