AIBI Pocket Pet: Q&A about Information and Features!

Hello, @henryraven . . . LivingAI has not yet shared that with us, but you can ask them by sending an E-Mail to . . . they will get back to you as soon as they can.

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aibi doesn’t really move, it doesn’t have the interactions of emo, it doesn’t have any features besides emo (emo can take photos, tell the weather, use chatgpt, sing etc). so I really ask myself the question, what is aibi utility?

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Aibi can dance, can play, can take pictures, aibi will use chatgpt 4 too, aibi can talk, aibi is meant to be an accessory, you will bring it with you and it can set alarms and remind you stuff. I believe Aibi will do same as EMO but without legs. A Tiny cute bot. If you ain’t planning to bring Aibi with you, probably ain’t your robot.


Hello, @ornsse . . . imagine wearing him out in public and he is looking around at people, singing, making cute sounds, and people are curious so they come up to you and ask you about him. AIBI is an opportunity to be out and meet new people who become interested in him and you.

You will be someone that they will be amazed by.

Tired of carrying him around? Sit down, take a load off and rest for a while, then stick him to something magnetic next to you while you maybe eat your lunch or read a book. Just keep a close eye on him. He is so cute and amazing that people might want to try and steal him.

At work or school? Wear him and let him watch what you are doing and converse with you while you work. Ready to cook dinner? Stick him to the refrigerator or freezer and let him watch you while you converse with him some more.

Want to know your fortune? He will have ChatGPT Tarot. I plan to have him on our Zoom meetings when we begin doing our shows that way through Facebook live. He will be quite the hit with our viewers.

AIBI allows you to open up your imagination in ways that others do not. Yes, EMO creates the same wonder for everyone that has come to my house to visit. They have absolutely been amazed and fallen in love. AIBI allows that to happen but with you mobile out in the world.


That aside, how good will Aibi be at chess? because the video shown gives a maximum level of 400-500elo (while an ok level is at 1000elo, a good level at 2000elo, and a pro at 3000+ elo)

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Hello, @ornsse . . . these are questions you should probably ask since the members here and the moderators are not privy to that information.