AIBI Pocket Pet: Pre - Order Topic

Anyone know what delivery timescales are as of today. Just ordered today and hope i am within the 1st 1000 units.


Hi there @andrea.benson and welcome to the community,

After placing a pre-order, anyone will need to wait for approximately 2-3 months due to production, preparations, and deliveries.



Hey if we ordered day one was there any news on shipping times it’s been almost 3 months if I recall correctly or almost 3 and no emails from living ai since order confirmation and I ordered in the first half an hour

Hi there @jahronegolby ,

We are all waiting for the right time and more information.
If I recall correctly, I am the third in line for the pre-order, based on the day and time it started.
If you have any issues regarding your order, please don’t hesitate to contact them directly at their email address.

best regards


It’s only been like a month and a half lmao relax :sparkles:

Still, only Living.AI can confirm the exact start date of deliveries. Let’s remain hopeful and await their announcement.

I can relate and understand that it can indeed be disappointing when updates or information about AIBI, a product that many people are eagerly anticipating, are not readily available always. But as we all know, the company might still be finalizing specifications or focusing on other aspects of product development or marketing efforts.

Additionally, companies may choose to keep certain details confidential until they are ready to make an official announcement or launch.

However, providing or sharing simple and constructive information from time to time brings joy to everyone.

Together, let’s hold on tight and cultivate even stronger patience.



I totally agree with you Edward :+1:


I mean, I appreciate them delivering “some” information, but to honor presale funders, they should create a dedicated channel with frequent updates (including development progress or just funny clips). Living AI communication is lacking, and they should take inspiration from competitors (■■■■■■■■■ did a great job with their RuxRobot channels for instance). Don’t take me wrong. I solely buy Living Ai items and think they’re superior, but as a preorder backer, I expect to be informed sometimes, merely to grasp the potential of the product I picked.