About EMO Software Development Kit

Hi. It says that they will make an SDK in the future. Is there any updates about this? Would love to mod and add stuff as a programmer :slight_smile:


Good thing to be here for help also…

Let’s see what programmers will be able to propose you :wink:

But welcome, first :smiley:


They said early on that there would be support for use with Scratch. So far it’s just one more unfulfilled promise that they refuse to address or give any timeline for?

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I’d love this too, especially to have a community that shares their mods. I don’t think there’s a timeline for an SDK yet, it’s good we are all sharing our desire to have one!

I would love to see that the SDK is launched but I think that at the moment they are focus on bring EMO to the point where all the internal functions are implemented and functioning as they are supposed to do. It make sense to wait for a SDK until the base is finished or the userbase will be unhappy by the constant breaking changes :wink:
I hope that LAI will release from time to time some statements what the future plans for EMO are. Nothing fancy, but some words that things for that some people wait are not forgotten or abandoned.